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Out of town Buyer - Sam W (Activity Duty Military)



Regarding John Hill It is my pleasure to share my experience with John Hill who ensured that listing a home with him would be a good experience.  

Personally being in the real estate field for over 30 years, I am very detail oriented and generally hard to impress.  I can tell you every step of the way from the preparation of the home for listing to closing, John was always very active and professional.  

When the “bumps in the road” surfaced, John was always there with a creative solution or alternative to keep the transaction moving toward closing.  His relationships with contractors and his knowledge of the residential sales cycle is top notch. 

I would strongly recommend John Hill if you are contemplating listing and selling a home.  John is very professional, honest, hardworking and will do his best to maximize your value of your home upon sale. 

Out of town Buyer - Sam W (Activity Duty Military)



"Everything we do is about our clients and what they need for the transaction to go smoothly." - Caroline and John Hill  

There are many obstacles in the real estate transaction, whether you are selling or buying.  Many of our buyers are active duty military and rely on us to find the right home to suit their family's needs while they are deployed.  With Caroline and John working as a team, Caroline will team up with the wife and John with the husband to make the process most comfortable for everyone.  Many of our sellers likewise, must leave town to a new job and leave the selling of their home to our team.  

Our team has the experience, sensitivities and work ethic to get you through the transaction with total confidence.  

We have over 25 years of general contracting, project management, sales and marketing experience.  We have built, leased and managed our own portfolio of commercial warehouses during our ownership and sale of three large businesses while managing over 100 employees in the San Antonio area.  

Caroline and John have worked for several fortune 100 business to included: United Telecom, USAA, M and M Mars, McGraw-Hill and RJR.  

We treat our clients like family and put them under our wing to protect them and care for them through the stress of selling or buying.  

Out of town Buyer - Sam W (Activity Duty Military)

Out of town Buyer - Sam W (Activity Duty Military)

Out of town Buyer - Sam W (Activity Duty Military)


Ahead of our arrival to San Antonio, Caroline and John set us up on an MLS Auto Search with all of our home need criteria.  We were able to view the homes (while I was oversees and she was back home packing for our move) easily to let them know what we liked.  

When my wife and I arrived in San Antonio, Caroline and John met us at our hotel (which they had recommended and it was great).  We spent two days looking and found our perfect first home.  

We made a solid offer which Caroline and John helped us to negotiate.  The Hills helped us set up the property inspection, negotiate for all of the repairs and took us all the way to closing.  

Since this was our first home purchase, we literally knew nothing, so to have this great team working to ensure we had all of the bases covered was like having our family looking after us.  

After we closed and moved in, Caroline and John sent us a great happy home gift which really put the whole thing together for us.  

Ranch Sales - John O. , Sharon and Roger B.

New home construction and project management - Emily W. and Jason B.

Out of town Buyer - Sam W (Activity Duty Military)



John and Caroline are a great team!  When they listed and ultimately sold our ranch they demonstrated a special ability to be creative with their marketing materials and approach; collaborative on the pricing strategy and were diligent in moving the deal forward to closure.  It was an absolute pleasure working with them and I always felt like I was the most important client they had.  I highly recommend them for any real estate challenge you might have. 

 Sincerely, Maj Gen (USAF Ret.) Roger and Sharon B.


We had a large family ranch our family wanted to sell.   John and Caroline were new to the real estate business (2015) but not to sales and marketing.  

When it came time to get serious about marketing the ranch we interviewed numerous agents (all of whom had significant experience), but with my personal knowledge of the tenacity and hard work that John and Caroline put into everything, they do my vote was to let them take a swing at it.  

With two other family members as co-owners of the ranch it was a real leap of faith.  All of us had different needs, but all  with the same goal of selling the ranch.

Caroline and John came up with a plan to put in some roads (using one of the cedar eater companies) with minimal investment and then they camped out in the town nearby three days a week to host realtor events at the ranch with tours on the new roads. 

We have a great offer within 5 weeks and then had to get through the many hurdles of the contract to closing.  

Caroline and John busted their humps to get the deal done.  They even took the new buyers for a hilltop wine and cheese picnic to watch a beautiful sunset and full moon to get them fully engaged in the sale.  

New home construction and project management - Emily W. and Jason B.

New home construction and project management - Emily W. and Jason B.

New home construction and project management - Emily W. and Jason B.


I am writing this testimonial in the strongest support of John and Caroline Hill. My wife and I had been through the home search and acquisition process three times before with different realtors.  When we realized that we were going to move again, we began to look for another realtor.  Fortunately, we were referred to John and Caroline Hill by a friend.

At this point in our lives, we had enough experience to know exactly what we were looking for that would best meet our needs.  When we met with John and Caroline, they asked for and listened carefully to our description of what we hoped to find.  They took us to the homes that most closely matched our criteria.  We found a home that met our criteria and excited us both but unfortunately our timing was off and another buyer put in an offer that was accepted.  We continued to look but were unable to find another equal home.

John suggested that we should consider purchasing a lot and asking McMillin Homes to build a home for us, as they had built the previous home we had hoped to buy.  In the interest of transparency, I will say that my wife and I had an initial negative reaction to the idea.  We had not even considered this as an option as we both work full time positions in jobs that often require working on nights and weekends.  How would we be able to initiate a project that would require so much input and involvement on our behalf?  John reassured us that he would help see that that project was successfully completed.  He has extensive prior experience in business ownership and building commercial real estate projects.  Ultimately, we decided to pursue this process as we trusted John and Caroline based on their clear and direct communication, John’s prior experience, and their strong work ethic.

Actions speak louder than words.  John was true to his word and went above and beyond the call of duty to help us through the entire process.  From purchasing a lot, to discussions with McMillin about the home building process, to following the project from start to finish, to keeping things moving and recognizing problems before they existed, John and Caroline were present and advocating on our behalf.  John even attended weekly meetings during which our home project was reviewed, discussed, and planned.  He kept us updated on a regular basis and regularly communicated any questions or concerns on our behalf to McMillin.  He was proactive, always available, professional, and knowledgeable about the entire process.  Much as my wife and I had anticipated, there are countless details and issues that arise during the process of purchasing a lot and commissioning a new home build.  However, John and Caroline alleviated all of our concerns by being present, available, and capable of seeing this project completed.

I have difficulty describing how happy and satisfied my wife and I are with our experience with John and Caroline.  At this point, we consider them friends.  I will say this – while I frequently read and appreciate reviews and recommendations, I have never been moved to write one myself until now.  Also, my wife and I have asked John and Caroline to help my mother-in-law find a home as she is planning on moving to San Antonio.  I also plan to recommend them to any other friends, family, colleagues looking for a home.  I give John and Caroline my highest recommendation to anyone looking for a highly qualified, energetic, and enthusiastic realty team of the highest integrity.


Zillow 5 Star Reviews on Patriot Real Estate Services Agents

New home construction and project management - Emily W. and Jason B.

New home construction and project management - Emily W. and Jason B.


My wife and I retired more than 20 years ago and built our dream home in NW San Antonio, but at nearly 80 it was time for us to downsize and sell.  We put our homes for sale, they are great real estate agents and know how "houses for sale" work best.

We were stressed about selling our home, which we took great pride in building, but John and Caroline helped us come to the realization that it was the right time.

We started our home finding first and found a new home which was in a nearby community. Caroline and John helped us negotiate for a home already under way and still get the many upgrades we wanted to make the home special to us and saved us over $20,000!

While we waited for the new home to be completed, Caroline and John helped us to get our existing home ready to sell.  I mean they really came to help.  John hung CO2 monitors (requested by the buyer) and helped us get things packed for the movers as our son was out of state working at the time.

We had received a near full price offer and were at the top of the market for the area.  With a few weeks left before we could move into the new home we had a short delay which threatened to derail the deal, but Caroline and John got in their and fought to keep it alive.  

Happily we are in our new home which is much better suited for our lives.  Caroline and John check in from time to time and stop by occasionally just to say hello.  




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